Learning Laravel

Learning Laravel

2018, Oct 29    

It’s been a while since I don’t take care of my blog, three years to be precise. Well, at the time I finished writing a couple of ReactJS blog posts I landed an amazing job at Tourbuzz and that took most of my time, it was an unbelievable experience, I met amazing people and grew as a professional. But now that I back into the wild I’ll take some time to blog again until the next excuse.

I’ve been a freelance Symfony PHP developer for most of my career and I’ve never looked back at another PHP Framework sor far… until now.

Let me explain, eight years ago I was looking to learn my first PHP Framework, and believe me I love going thru Hello World tutorials, I remember the contenders back then were Codeigniter, Cake PHP, Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii, and probably one or two that I can’t remember.

The criteria that I used to choose the winner was that it had to be easy to understand and that it didn’t abuse magic (scaffolding). This last one was special because previously I did the Hello World app with Ruby on Rails and it felt too much magic for me, granted that it’s the father of all modern frameworks and it is probably the one with the most libraries and the largest community.

Long story short, the two that I liked the most were Symfony and Zend Framework. After a while trying to choose the winner, I found Symfony documentation to be much better organized and quite newbie friendly. The last nail in the coffin was that Symfony had an amazing long and very well explained tutorial called Jobeet.

Going thru Jobeet I learned how to set up an Apache host (yeah, I didn’t know how to do that properly back then); plus I learned tons of best practices that would help me outside Symfony.

Now, eight years after I feel it’s time to learn a new PHP Framework, not for the sake of replacing Symfony (specially now that their latest version 4.x is way simpler than previous versions), but to stay up in the game and why not? To learn new best practices and new ways of thinking about problems.

My motto is that frameworks and programming languages won’t pay your bills, giving clients what they want in a professional way and up to the latest standards does.

I forgot to mention that I already started reading the Laravel docs and also did a Hello World app with it, I must say I’m very pleased with all the development tools that are available and their simplicity.

In my following posts I’ll be comparing whatever I find interesting about a given Laravel feature with its counterpart in Symfony. In other words Learning Laravel from a Symfony developer’s perspective.

I’m pretty sure it will be fun. This time “I know what I don’t know” about Laravel; in other words I already have a mental list of things that I’m curious about Laravel: routing, templating, security, database, services, etc. When I learned Symfony “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”, in that regard it took me a while to discover and understand the value of lots of concepts that were new to me back then.

Do you have any advice, suggestion, or any other question? Let me know below in the comments section.

See ya later.